Ian with his nephews

Ian Somerhalder attends ‘Mugler Follies’ 100th Edition at Le Comedia (Paris, May 26)

Paul Wesely, believe it or not, brooding Stefan, is actually the funniest freaky dude you’ve ever met. He’s pretty funny. I’m probably the goofiest, I do the dumbest shit all day. I really do. — Ian Somerhalder, BloodyNight Con 4 in Barcelona (May 17)

I play vampire in a TV show that shoot here in Atlanta, and I was born in Louisiana, so the South has a big place in my heart. The Golf coast where I grew up has seen massive changes because global warming. But in this part of the country, climate change is barely on the radar.

Ian Somerhaler attending promo event for Azzaro Pour Homme (May 14, São Paulo)

Ian Somerhaler at Azzaro Pour Homme Event in São Paulo, Brazil (May 14, 2014)